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Looking for a Moshi Monsters secret codes for free moshlings. See our list of cheats by visiting our how do I blog page for all our listed moshi monster cheat codes

Brand new Moshi Monster secret codes

Hi there fellow Moshi Monster Fan,

Did you you know that over the weekend have added loads more secret codes for your Moshi monsters.

Find  loads more new codes for ROX, ITEMS AND FOOD which have been added during September.

So to get your hands on these new codes, just click the below link and pop over to ‘playkidsgames’ and login


How to attract Moshlings

Are you looking for more Moshlings for your Moshi Monsters? Then visit our brand new seed combinations page on how you can attract moshlings.

You will find out what flower seeds you need to plant and which colour you will need to attract common and uncommon Moshlings by logging into the members sections at our play kids games site.

Click the below link to visit our main games website to get these seed codes (or paste into your web browser)

Hundreds of New Moshi Monsters secret codes

Visit our games site for loads more moshi monsters secret codesHi there to all our followers and visitors,

Today we have added hundreds of new Moshi Monster secret codes into our main games website. Now there are even more categories for you to choose from,

So if you would like more free stuff for your Moshi Monsters just click the link below.

Get the HipHop Moshling code

Visit play kids games today to get the new free code for the Mysterious Beat seed, which if you plant in your garden will get you the Moshling HipHop. Use it quick though, because it will expire on the 25th March.

Click the link to visit playkidsgames.moonfruit and login


Moshi monsters secret codes,Iggy Moshling

For Moshi monster cheats on how to get 1170 free rocksThe moshi monsters secret code for the

Iggy Moshling


View our you tube video.

Click here to get your free code

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